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Welcome To My website.
Hi and thank you of visiting my Harry Potter Fan website. I'm Moony, at least that what you can call me, and I'm the webmaster of this site.  I build this site because I am a big fan of J.K. Rowling and her Harry Potter books like a lot of people out there. I have seen other Harry potter fan sites some of them are good ones and a some of  then are great and I hope this one can became great with the help of all of the Harry Potter fan out here.

 What new here?
  • 8/7/03: Getting started make the site
  • 8/8/03: posted moony needs help.
  • 8/8/03: Daniel Alan radcliffe's bio
  • 8/14/03:Hangman game up.
  • 8/15/03:Moony's Links
  • 8/15/03:Message Board with Visitors' polls.
  • 9/03/03:Quick Bios up. Will add bios almost daily.
  • 9/6/03: Msn chat room up. Come and chat with me!
  • 10/1/03: Links gear up. Fell free to add your link.
  • 10/2/03: Harry Potter Quotes gear up. Fell free to add you quote.

Coming Soon...

  • A Guestbook

  • Cheap book seller links

  • Harry Potter games links

  • Fan Harry Potter artwork pages

If there is not a lot of stuff on this website bookmark it or put it in your favorite a come back in a week or two and there should be a lot more. 

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